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Feelu Feelings and Calm Down 2-Page Laminated Posters

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The posters include 10 main colour-coded feelings and 8 strategies to calm down. It also contains 6-emotion mini-stickers and E-worksheets for kids as a bonus.

  • Social-emotional learning: 
    • Feelu posters help kids to identify different emotions, accept them, suggest different strategies to calm down, and take over their feelings.
  • Calm down corner: 
    • Kids are independently able to use the feelings chart to identify and accept their emotions, then use the clam down poster to choose a strategy to handle their feelings in a healthy manner.
  • Teacher supplies: 
    • Two high-quality 12”x18” posters are ideal for classrooms, virtual schools, daycares, therapies, homeschooling, bulletin boards, learning centers, and bedrooms.
  • Autism/ADHD tools: 
    • We have kept all children in our minds designing Feelu. The design of Feelu is compatible with the autistic spectrum. It makes it a great tool for all children including ones with special needs to learn social-emotional skills.
  • Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners: 
    • Our easy-to-understand visuals make it possible for very young kids to use our posters independently. The posters are designed for 3-9 year-old kids.
  • High-quality lamination: 
    • Our double-sided laminated posters are durable, water-resistant, and dry-erasable. Feel free to use dry erase markers on them!
  • Easy-to-connect appealing character: 
    • Feelu has no gender nor race! This makes it easy for any child to connect to Feelu and use Feelu products eagerly.
  • Made and printed in Canada: 
    • Locally designed and printed in Canada made it possible for us to ensure the quality of the posters one by one.
  • Interactive products: Our posters are accompanied by Feelu iOS app and children’s book. Feelu is loved and cherished by many children worldwide.


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